Dear Parents

We have now come to the final day of this very unusual school year. For thirteen weeks we have met with our students by way of a method that many of us were largely unfamiliar with just a few months ago. Although it was strange, still it was a way provided for us to communicate, and we should be very grateful that these means were still available. We consider especially the instruction that still could be given by the ministers, elders and teachers from God’s Word. I just heard this week that even on-line church services in China are forbidden. When we think of that, we still have a lot to be thankful for.

At the present time, we would also like to extend a hearty thank you to all the parents for the help and support that was given during this time of distance education. We know that you have extended much time and effort to make your children’s education possible. We deeply appreciate your all you have done. We hope that you and your children may receive some rest in the weeks and months ahead. All the teachers were touched by the Appreciation Signs that were delivered an installed on our properties a few days ago.

There are a few announcements that we would like to make at this time.

  1. Governor Murphy announced a few days ago that up to 250 people are allowed for outside gatherings starting June 22. That means that we will be planning for Invitation Only graduations which will be held outside here at school sometime that week. We hope to publish more detailed information soon.
  2. We are disappointed to inform you that Mr. Antonio Puig has tendered his resignation as the Custodial Maintenance man at our school. He has accepted a position as a Maintenance man in a New York hospital. Mr. Puig was a very conscientious employee who did a wonderful job of fixing and cleaning our school. His services will be missed. We will be advertising for a replacement soon.
  3. At the present time, we do not have any government direction for the opening of schools in September. Obviously, we are hoping for a full unhindered start to the new school year. We have prepared an interim plan in the event that we can return but with less than full capacity. More information will be distributed if that becomes reality.
  4. Because we were unable to have a Plant Sale this year, a school supporter from our church donated $10,000 to help make up for this traditional fundraiser. This was a very generous thoughtful gift and is warmly appreciated.
  5. Our school is the happy recipient of the donation of an almost new baby grand piano. A local Pequannock resident who is supportive of our school is donating it. This is a very nice addition to our music program. We hope several students may use it to learn and play edifying music.
  6. We are still in need of filling some part time and full-time positions for our school for next year. Please remember our school in prayer, asking that the Lord will provide.

Although the Teacher’s conference for this summer was postponed, their still are some NRCEA events that are continuing. The principal are video conferencing and the Synodical Education Committee is continuing to meet monthly via the same medim

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable summer. May the Lord spare us all so that we may meet one another again in due time.

John Van Der Brink